HealthGov is a network of international researchers, health professionals, regulators and policy makers. It provides a forum for discussion, promotion and collaboration on research in health governance. It was established in 2007 as part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Governance Research Network, GovNet. Professor Stephanie Short, the University of Sydney, is the Convenor.

Member profile

Formerly known as the medical regulation research network, HealthGov was renamed at the National Medical Governance Workshop organised by GovNet at the Australian National University in Canberra in July 2007. The new name reflected a desire to broaden research efforts to include all the health professions. Since 2009 it has been auspiced by the University of Sydney, Australia.

Main activities

This network provides:

  • collaborative research across several disciplines;
  • Facilitating the internationalisation of research and international linkages;
  • improving techniques of research design and management;
  • providing opportunities to network with other governance researchers and practitioners;
  • improving communication of results to wide audiences; and
  • strengthening this research area and enhancing future viability.

Links to the health workforce crisis

  • (1) Source of Funds: Brocher Residency, Geneva Switzerland ‘Improving equity in oral health: supporting the sustainable development of the oral health role of community health personnel’ (2013) Dr David Walker, Professor Stephanie Short & Professor Marc Tennant
  • (2) Source of Funds: Australian Research Council Linkage Project & Queensland Health ‘ ‘Building an ethical and sustainable model for health professional recruitment to Australia: a case study of the Philippines (2010-2012) Professor Stephanie Short (CI) Professor Charles Sampford (CI) Professor Lesleyanne Hawthorne (CI) Bronwyn Nardi (Queensland Health Partner Organisation) Professor Howard Adelman, York University Ontario (Collaborator) Professor James Buchan, Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh (Collaborator) Imelda Argel, Migration Lawyer (Collaborator) The project aims to develop a model for the ethical and sustainable recruitment of health professionals from a developing to a developed country, ensuring fairness to the recruiting, the individual nurses and the source country by developing and analysing a model in relation to other actual or potential models.