Africa Public Health Alliance & 15%+ Campaign

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The Africa Public Health Alliance and 15%+ Campaign is a non-profit organization promoting health development and financing across Africa. Its scope of work covers a wide range of interlinked Public Health issues including but not limited to the following: Child & Maternal Health; Gender Equity in Health; Sexual & Reproductive Health; Health Financing; Health Economics; Budget / Resource Tracking and Monitoring; Health & Migration; Health issues of Internally Displaced People (IDP) and Refugees; Health Systems Strengthening; Health Workforce / Human Resources for Health; HIV/ AIDS; Tuberculosis; Malaria; Lung Diseases; Neglected (Tropical) Diseases & Health Conditions; Non-Communicable/ Non-Infectious Diseases; Nutrition/ Food Security; Water Resources; Environmental Health/ Sanitation.

The APHA & 15%+ Campaign promotes these issues including the Health Related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), through policy work, advocacy, empirical research, community mobilization and capacity building in partnership with civil society, parliamentarians, development partners, relevant government ministries, departments and agencies especially health and other stakeholders at the Continental, sub-regional and country levels in Africa and beyond.

Main activities

Given the key role of policy and budget support in actualising health development and health rights, and in the context of poor domestic health financing in Africa, the APHA launched the Africa 15% Campaign on December 10 2006 - Human Rights Day. The campaign is aimed at realising the 2001 pledge of African Heads of State to allocate at least 15% of domestic budget resources to health. The campaign launch underlined that about 8 million African lives are lost annually to preventable, treatable & manageable health conditions & diseases mainly - Child Mortality, Maternal Mortality, HIV & AIDS, Malaria, & TB.

The campaign has since been upgraded to the 15%+ Campaign. The plus representing the need for an increase in actual per-capita expenditure on health, as well increased policy and budget support for those issues affecting health, but which often fall outside the health budget including: clean water; sanitation; environmental issues; and the key issue of health workforce shortages which is influenced by education, and labour and human resources policy and budgeting.

In order to help accelerate policy and budget support for health development and financing, the APHA in 2009 initiated and facilitates the secretariat of the Africa Public Health Parliamentary Network. The Network is composed of Chairs of African Parliamentary Committees of Health; Gender/Women; Finance / Budget; and Health MDG related issues as outlined above.

The APHA also coordinates Civil Society 15%+ Country Coalitions for Domestic Health Development and Financing.

A key objective of both is to ensure policy and budget support for implementation of African and global health frameworks and policies, and also the coordination of global solidarity on health with African efforts.

Links to the health workforce crisis

The APHA and 15%+ Campaign places the Health Workforce crisis at the centre of its health development and financing work by emphasising and demonstrating to all stakeholders that the Health Related MDGs will not be achieved, and Africa’s health crisis will never be fully resolved until the health workforce crisis is resolved.

It is now extending its parliamentary work to include Chairs of Education, Labour and Human Resources Parliamentary Committees, and also its overall advocacy work to cover these Ministerial sectors. i.e. to promote their working with Health, Finance and other stakeholders to develop long term and sustainable policy and budget frameworks to resolve the health workforce crisis. This includes the implementation of the Kampala Declaration and Plan of the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA).

The APHA & 15%+ Campaign is also strengthening its existing links with African Health Worker professional associations and trade unions to both ensure their input to regional and country policy and advocacy work, and also build civil society solidarity for their issues.

APHA joined the Alliance in 2008 as an implementing Partner.

Africa Civil Society Letter to July 2010 African Union Summit on Upholding African Health and Social Development Commitments:

Alliance member Africa Public Health Alliance (APHA) and the 15%+ Campaign are calling upon civil society organizations to co-sign a letter appealing all governments to uphold, improve and implement African and global health commitments. This call supports the ongoing efforts of APHA and 15%+, a campaing aimed at realising the 2001 Abuja pledge by African Heads of State to allocate at least 15% of national domestic budgets to health.