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Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan (CWSPA) is a non-governmental organization which implements humanitarian and development activities across Pakistan and Afghanistan through the following three programs: Disaster Management Program, Capacity Building, and Social Development. Since 1954, CWSPA has worked for the development and relief of marginalized communities on the basis that all individuals irrespective of race, faith, color, sex, economic status, political stands have the right to choose how to live. It assists marginalized communities to achieve economic prosperity and improve human and social capital through participatory endeavor that liberates people and enhances their capacities to take control over their lives.

Main activities

Under its main programs, CWSPA operates a myriad of projects that cater to the specific needs of the beneficiaries, communities, and larger scale sector issues for which they are designed.  Cross-cutting themes including gender equality, health (including HIV & AIDS), water and sanitation, education, and livelihoods are prominent throughout the three main programs.  Additionally, CWSPA expands its reach through initiatives such as its regional training program. It works to bridge the gap between national policy makers & implementing agencies, as well as assisting communities to better people’s lives by enhancing rights.

Links to the health workforce crisis

CWSPA endeavors to improve the overall health and health delivery systems for the people in the target region by adhering to the principles of Primary Heath Care (self reliance, community participation, intersectoral collaboration, and integration of health services, special attention to high risk/vulnerable groups and the use of appropriate technology) in the provision of preventive and essential curative health care services. The scope of the project aims to fall within the domain of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and attempts at moving focus from relief to long-term sustainable health and development programs. CWSPA envisages a long-term scenario where communities will maintain ownership of such health interventions.

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