Enfants du Monde

EdM is a Swiss NGO to help and protect children from disadvantaged countries through development projects in the educational and health sectors. EdM supports through its capacity building and training programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America the implementation of the WHO IFC framework.

Member profile

Enfants du Monde (EdM) is a Swiss non-governmental organization, founded in 1968, with its headquarters in Geneva. Its objective is to help and protect children from disadvantaged countries through development projects in the educational and health sectors. With the assistance of local partners, EdM is currently working on 15 projects spread throughout seven of the world's most disadvantaged countries (Burkina Faso, Niger, Bangladesh, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Haiti).

Main activities

EdM’s primary health activities focus on providing financial and technical support to governments and local NGOs in Asia, Africa and Latin America to implement the World Health Organization’s framework for working with Individuals, Families and Communities (IFC) to improve maternal and newborn health (MNH). This framework empowers communities to take ownership of and build their capacities to improve MNH and to increase their access to quality MNH services.

The IFC framework is comprised of four priority areas of intervention: developing capacities to stay healthy, make healthy decisions, and respond to obstetric and neonatal emergencies; increasing awareness of the rights, needs and potential problems related to MNH; strengthening the linkages for social support between women, men, families and communities and with the health delivery system; and improving the quality of care, health services and their interactions with women, men, families and communities.

Through a combination of community- and health services-level interventions, care of pregnant women and newborns in the home is improved, support for MNH in the community is augmented and the use of skilled care before, during and after birth is increased, thus improving MNH.

Links to the health workforce crisis

EdM participates in addressing the health workforce crisis at regional, national and local levels in the context of its projects to improve MNH.

At the regional level, in Latin America, together with PAHO and other international and national actors, EdM runs a diploma-awarding training programme at the University of Antioquia in Colombia. This programme builds the capacities of health managers based in various Latin American countries to implement the IFC framework.

At the national level in Burkina Faso, El Salvador and Bangladesh, EdM advocates for and builds the capacities of governments and different actors within governments, including ministries of health, to implement the IFC framework. At the local level, EdM provides training to health care providers to improve their interpersonal and intercultural skills and in counselling, which helps the personnel improve their competencies in working with and providing quality services to community members.