Foundation for Advancement of International, Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), USA

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The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) is a non-profit foundation committed to improving world health through education. FAIMER was established in 2000, and it is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, USA. It promotes excellence in international health professions education through programmatic and research activities. The mission of FAIMER is to support the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) as it promotes international medical education through programmatic and research activities. FAIMER seeks to create and enhance educational resources for those who teach physicians committed to improving and maintaining the health of the communities they serve.

Main activities

According to FAIMER’s strategic plan, the Foundation will concentrate its efforts in three thematic areas: creating educational opportunities for health professions educators, discovering patterns and disseminating knowledge, and developing data resources. The strategic plan also calls for FAIMER to identify and collaborate with appropriate partners to leverage resources and maximize impact. FAIMER staff have identified important questions regarding international medical graduates and medical education and have engaged with the data resources and organizational partners that will enable meaningful research on these issues.

Links to the health workforce crisis

FAIMER's main area of HRH work is research focused on the international migration of physicians, U.S. physician workforce issues and international health professions education. FAIMER concentrates its efforts in developing regions in South Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and focuses on three specific strategies: faculty development, targeted research that informs health workforce policy and practice, and development of data that advances educational quality improvement decisions. The Faculty Development Program selects geographical regions for focus based on a range of criteria including need, readiness for change, and sustainability. To maximize impact, FAIMER tailors its programs to the regional situation and seeks to collaborate and partner with governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the area. FAIMER also establishes local working models for enhancing health professions education in these areas. The availability and proximity of such resources provide self-sustaining support for improving health professions education and local health care.

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