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The Fiji School of Medicine (FSMed) is the pioneering health training tertiary institution in the South Pacific educating health care professionals since its establishment in 1885 as Suva Medical School to train vaccinators. Its goal is to be a Center of Excellence in quality health education, training and research to improve standards and services in the region.

Main activities

The main focus is on training superior health professionals to promote quality care to give people a better future. The four academic schools have a commitment to research that aims specifically to help improve the health status of the Pacific communities. By its nature this has a strong leaning to public health and primary care. FSMed provides training in a number of the health science disciplines including dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, radiography, laboratory technology, dietetics and environmental health.

Links to the health workforce crisis

The Fiji School of Medicine Strategic Plan is based on a vision of excellence in education of health professionals in the Pacific. In order to realize this vision FSMed applies efficient strategies that target the sustainable development of Pacific human resources in health (HRH). This requires both the availability of reliable, country-specific data on the current and projected Pacific HRH status; it, also, involves a consistent mechanism for FSMed’s ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and revision of its activities and programs. The HRH-Committee attempts to ensure that FSMed employs up-to-date information on Pacific HRH, and appropriate strategies for HRH development, in its program planning, development, and quality control; and in the provision of relevant services to its students, alumni and other regional stakeholders.

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