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The Global Forum for Health Research (GFHR) is an independent, international organization committed to demonstrating the essential role of research and innovation for health and health equity, benefiting poor and marginalized populations. It is headquartered in Switzerland. The core values are: health as a right; equity as a principle; and research as an indispensable tool. GFHR was established in 1998 with a mission to help reduce inequities in health research and the allocation of expenditures. The purpose was to bring together the governments of low-income and middle-income countries, the major traditional "donors" and the research community.

Main activities

GFHR’s objectives are to prioritize the global research agenda, increase coherence among research for health actors and expand the use of evidence in policy. To achieve this, GFHR assists, links and influences decision-makers in funding, research and policy by

  • providing impartial evidence, practical tools and intelligence for informed decision-making;
  • nurturing social networks, coalitions and communities of practice leading to comprehensive solutions; and
  • advocating for changes in the priorities, resources and policies so they benefit the health of poor populations.

Links to the health workforce crisis

A key strategy of GFHR from the beginning of its activities in 1998 was to support research initiatives, encouraging multiple partners to join in concerted efforts to find solutions for priority health problems. It was clear that no one organization could resolve them alone. GFHR has highlighted the need for a shift of attention from "health research" to "research for health", which is research undertaken in any discipline or combination that seeks to:

  • understand the impact on health of policies & programs;
  • assist in developing interventions that mitigate impact;
  • contribute to the achievement of better health & equity.

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