Health Services Academy Islamabad, Pakistan

Health Services Academy is nationally and internationally recognised center of excellence in Public Health, contributing to the health and well-being of the People of Pakistan and around the world

Member profile

Health Services Academy was established in 1988 as an autonomous department under the Federal Ministry of Health and now under the Cabinet Division, Government of Pakistan, provided short courses and training for public health professionals. Since its humble beginnings as a training institute, the Academy has grown steadily and has established itself as the premier institute of public health in Pakistan, looking to provide more academic programmes in the near future, as well as providing an environment that focuses on excellence in academics, research, and policy-making.

Main activities

The goal of the organization is to strengthen the capacity of public health professionals by offering excellence in teaching, research, service and policy advice. Main activities of the organization are to build capacities of health managers by conducting long term and short term training. Also the institution conducts researches and generates evidence for informed policy making.

Links to the health workforce crisis

Health Services Academy has started Post Graduate Certificate course in HRH in collaboration with Queen Margaret University Edinburgh to built capacity of Health Manager.