International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation, Riga, Latvia

Member profile

The International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation is a non-profit entity of medical, professional researchers and practitioners, focused to promote research, training, and treatment in the fields of Cosmoenergy (Energy Physiology) and Complementary Bioenergetics. The Federation supports seminars for instruction of Cosmoenergy in all regions of the world.

Main activities

It is the goal of the Federation to make available to the people of the world access to Universal Cosmoenergy. Universal Cosmoenergy is of a sacral knowledge of the whole Universe. Cosmoenergy will provide the people of the world a means of a healthy way of life and promote human values in the spheres of medicine, psychology, pedagogies, agriculture and science. The Federation will provide treatment and education of the medical professionals in Cosmoenergy fields of studies and function as a liaison with the Global Health Workforce Alliance (the Alliance).

Links to the health workforce crisis

ICCF’S goal is to provide the health care workforce with the knowledge of this complementary medicine and the implementing of this knowledge as a means of treatment for themselves and the patients. Specific activities include:

  • Establishing set goals for the facility(s); Workforce improvement(s.);
  • Perform seminars for healing and education with the Alliance;
  • Conduct health and health-related researches;
  • To work worldwide; and
  • To actively participate in projects by partnering with members of the Alliance in research for the benefit of the Alliance.

Call for knowledge information:

Alliance Members are invited to submit any relevant knowledge products such as documents, reports, tools, multimedia, links to specific project web sites by sending an email to The Alliance Secretariat will publish relevant products on the Member's page.

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