International Centre for Migration & Health

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The International Centre for Migration and Health (ICMH) is a Swiss-based non-profit institution that was established in 1995. Its mandate is to work on research, training and policy advocacy in all areas related to migration and health. ICMH believes the right to health applies to all people, including migrants, refugees, and all other people who find themselves on the move for political, economic or environmental reasons. It has a broad network of members and cooperating partners in all regions of the world. It works with this network to ensure that the challenge of migration and health is managed in a technically and ethically sound way.

Main activities

ICMH brings to the challenge of migration and health a broad body of multi-disciplinary experience in public health, medicine, social sciences, law, medical geography, health economics and political science. ICMH develops databases and information that can provide the evidence on which policies and programs can be constructed to promote and protect the health and welfare of people on the move, the people they leave behind and those they come into contact with as they move. It undertakes rapid situation assessments and formulates responses in natural and man-made disasters that displace people. It develops and implements monitoring and evaluation of evolving conditions and the impact interventions have on the health and welfare of displaced people.

Links to the health workforce crisis

ICMH formulates migration and health/welfare policy options based on evidence and advocates for these policies on behalf of all stakeholders. It also works with its partners to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of policies once they are implemented. ICMH views training as a way of strengthening national and international capacities in health and migration planning and management. It organizes training courses for humanitarian relief workers, UN personnel, health practitioners, public health professionals, policy makers/planners and military and peacekeeping forces.

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