The International Research Collaborative - Oral Health and Equity (IRC)

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The International Research Collaborative - Oral Health and Equity (IRC) is a multinational collaborative focused on developing innovative solutions in oral health education, research and service to address the global challenges associated with social inequities.

The primary focus of the IRC is to undertake cutting-edge research and develop strategies to address the significant unmet needs of marginalised communities. Research programs are targeted at facilitating improved oral health in societies across the globe. Key issues include: oral health policy and strategy; accessibility; workforce: skills mix, education and distribution; and research oriented to health care needs and prevention.

The principle strategies of the IRC are:

  • Undertake research on issues applicable to equity and oral health (including the determinants of oral health inequality)
  • Develop transferable systems to analyse the need for oral health care services based on quantitative data
  • Propagate the results of oral health care research in high quality international literature
  • Provide strategic intelligence for health planning innovation focused on oral-health-related program development
  • Develop community oral health strategies addressing the issues facing communities suffering from inequalities
  • Develop a skilled oral health workforce through high quality global education as a support network for oral health leaders in the fight against inequality