Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE) Bangladesh

ISDE Bangladesh is a non-governmental, voluntary, not for profit making, non-religious and development organization. From inception in 1992, it has been implementing various development activities to uplift the socio-economic and cultural condition of the ultra poor, climate refugees, vulnerable children and women, reduction of poverty and hunger; improve the health and hygiene condition. It has given emphases to the development of the women and children through awareness raising, access to the local resources, strengthening capacity and skills of their organization, imparting felt-need based problem-solving program by adopting modern scientific knowledge and techniques.

Member profile

ISDE Bangladesh has been covering with the various services for the disadvantaged and under developed community peoples through emphasizing to the children and women at south-eastern part of Bangladesh including Myanmar (Burma) boarder districts Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Main activities

The major activities are self help organization building of poor women & development, awareness raising & motivation, women Income & employment creation, human and skill development training, non-formal primary education (adult, adolescent & children), early childhood development and education, basic education and rehabilitation for urban street & working children, elimination of hazardous child labour, nature & environment development & social forestry, prevention of dangerous climate changes, biodiversity management, homestead gardening and nutrition education, regenerative agriculture movement, protection of consumer rights, rights to food safety movement, food security for ultra poor, primary health and adolescent reproductive health care, safe motherhood care & support, promotion of child rights & development, safe drinking water supply and sanitation, STI/HIV AIDS prevention and education, empowerment of coastal fishing communities, upholding rights of Dalits and minorities, access to justice and good governance, civic education, promotion of volunteerism, youth and community development, disseminating gender concept and developing social entrepreneur for stops violence against women & sexual harassments, human rights and legal education, democracy and legal education, increase women participation in political process, reduce gender discrimination, rights of Indigenous & minorities, campaign on stops illegal use of small arms, peace building & peace education, prevention of trafficking and sexually abuse girls children, safety and human rights agricultural & RMG workers, safe working places, workers rights and migrated women rights, safe transportation, tobacco control, ICT education and mobilization, integrated disability in community development, fisheries development & livestock development, arsenic mitigation, sustainable alternative energy resource and improve cook stove use, disaster & risk reduction and early recovery etc.

Links to the health workforce crisis

ISDE-BD and Concern Universal a UK based international NGO) has started collaborative project on Primary Health Care (PHC) at Cox’s Bazar sadar and Ramu Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district from last April 2001 under the financial support from European Union (EU), DFA and Engender Health. The major services providing by the projects are, preventive health education, access to the primary health care services for under served community people, developing self help community groups for health purposes, establishing ESP-health clinic at union level by deploying a trained up MBBS physicians, Nurse Midwives, Lab technician, Pharmacist, Counselors with modern equipment and necessary medicine. The projects also provide EPI and safe delivery services for the community people under collaboration with Government health Department under HPSP, developing TBAs, trained up local Rural Medical Practitioners (RMP), ARI, sanitation and hygiene education and services, malaria prevention, family planning & contraceptive distribution services etc. Actually the project was started from 1994 and now CU trying to hand over the project under ISDE-BD's management for future continuation.

STI/HIV/AIDS is one of the important growing health problems of the world. It also becomes more dangerous issue in Bangladesh. Under the Primary Health Care program, ISDE initiated health education, peer development, rally, workshops and orientation program to create awareness about STD/AIDS. ISDE Bangladesh also in collaboration with PCA a local NGO based in Chittagong undertake HIV prevention program for injecting drug users (IDU) by personal contact, counseling, peer education, treatment facilities, syringe supply, referral services and social rehabilitation of IDUs at urban slums areas of Chittagong.