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The Medical Knowledge Institute (MKI) is based in The Netherlands. Its goal is to offer a platform for the delivery of and easy access to high quality healthcare education and information while supporting the development and humanitarian goals of healthcare programs in developing and transitional countries. MKI, also, serves as the hub of the MKI Global Network, a group of autonomous foundations and organizations around the world, implementing a range of initiatives which aim it is to promote and improve the quality of healthcare as a human right.

Main activities

The Healthcare Educational programs of MKI are dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare and promoting humanitarian values through education, and public health programs. The knowledge base represented by MKI and its faculty comes from sound academic training and in-field expertise that range from direct intervention to the development of comprehensive medical delivery systems.

The Healthcare Information programs of MKI are dedicated to providing access to reliable healthcare information for healthcare providers around the world. MKI believes that the consistent provision of such information, especially in developing and transitional countries, is the most effective and cost-efficient strategy for improvement in healthcare.

Links to the health workforce crisis

MKI’s Human Resources for Health program is aimed at effectively dealing with the problems posed by the HIV-epidemic to employees, their families, business management and the economic and social implications. This educational program is meant for small and medium sized enterprises.

MKI Health Information Centers are located in many townships in Southern Africa. The goals of these centers are to reduce the healthcare knowledge gap that exists within communities, and strengthen the capacity of community members to document and share information. The train the trainers programs of MKI will continue to create a pool of (semi) healthcare professionals in Southern Africa, dealing with all kind of public health issues.

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