Management Sciences for Health

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Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is an advisory organization from Cambridge. It takes an integrated approach to building high-impact sustainable programs that address critical challenges in leadership, health systems management, human resources, and medicines. Its main mission is to support stronger health systems for greater health impact.

Main activities

MSH’s expertise in falls into the broad categories of management functions—for example, leadership and governance or pharmaceutical management—and health areas like tuberculosis or maternal, newborn, and child health. The practical application of the expertise is accomplished by:

  • partnering with governments, local organizations, and communities in developing nations to build their own capacity for long-term health impact;
  • providing global leadership in critical areas of health management and health care delivery; and
  • bringing the best of MSH from around the globe to the people we serve, working as one MSH with a focus on lasting health system improvements.

Links to the health workforce crisis

The overall goal of Management Sciences for Health is to build leadership capacity and management systems for human resources. MSH helps governments develop multi-sectoral strategies and policies to plan and manage health workforces. It incorporates a comprehensive approach that addresses all the facets of human resources for health needed to achieve an adequate supply of well-trained and motivated health workers. MSH offers capabilities in leadership, human resource management, education, partnerships, policy, and finance to achieve these goals. Current projects include TB-CAP, Capacity Project, South Africa HCD Coalition Project, Leadership, Management and Sustainability Project.

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