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Medics Without Borders (MWB) is a non-profit organization that began providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training and health education programs in Ghana in 2008. From the beginning, Medics Without Borders focused on providing health education in the country by focusing on interest groups who have direct access to and influence on large audiences. It soon became clear that it does not only take "education" to create awareness in preventing diseases but active participation in delivering effective and efficient healthcare services and products to the poor in rural communities in Ghana. Improving the health status of the rural population demands a multi-pronged approach, as important mental health and socio-economic factors which determine good health status must also be addressed. Medics Without Borders is committed to the creation and development of vibrant and progressive rural communities where everyone is assured of easy access to quality healthcare, mental health, counselling services, end-of-life care at hospices, good education for children, and an opportunity for socioeconomic development.

Main activities

The organization has been involved in the planning, design and implementation of diverse healthcare projects including the following:

  • Establishment and development of Community-Based Health Care (CBHC) System
  • Training EMS/EMT personnel in emergency medical care.
  • Provision of hospice care for the terminally sick
  • Establishing a tertiary institution to train nurses and other allied healthcare professionals
  • Provision of public health education
  • Implementing mental health and counselling services
  • Promoting literacy in rural Ghana
  • Implementing reproductive health including HIV/AIDS prevention and control initiatives
  • Skills and career development programs for the youth in deprived rural and peri-urban communities

MWB has become a leading force in eliminating health disparities which exist in communities by establishing medical clinics, working with local leaders, community centres, government agencies and other stakeholders to cure the sick, promote healthy lifestyles through education and early detection/screening for diseases. MWB also provides end-of-life care to terminally sick, thus making life more meaningful on this planet to the dying.

Links to the health workforce crisis

Through Medics Without Borders' international network of world-class volunteer medics, nurses, physician assistants, surgeons and other medical providers, the MWB conducts humanitarian, educational, fellowship, and charitable activities in deploying preventive medicine and emergency medical technology in poor and developing nations such as Ghana. Moreover, the organization promotes the creation of sustainable infrastructures which encourage local capacity building and professional development in health promotion and preventive medicine.

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