Reproductive and Child Health Research Unit (RCRU), at University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST)

RCRU is a leading centre for health system research and capacity building in reproductive and child health in Sudan. RCRU’s projects focus on difficult-to-reach communities in post-conflict settings, and aims to develop a vulnerable community into a sustainable community.

Member profile

RCRU at University of Medical Sciences & Technology works as a think tank and leading centre for capacity building, training and research on reproductive and child heath in Sudan in hard-to-reach communities and conflict affected fragile states, producing evidence, and supporting evidence based health systems decisions and policies. RCRU is working in partnership with policy makers, health providers, community leaders, local and international NGOs, and communities. Whilst building capacity of healthcare professionals and conducting research to generate evidence, RCRU also aim to empower women, engage communities, and increase their level of readiness to participate in future projects, advocate for context understanding and capacity building.

Main activities

Work in partnership with different departments and institutes within University of Medical Sciences & Technology to offer PhD, MSc and Postgraduate diplomas as well as numerous continuing education courses in public health, tropical health, family medicine, nursing, research methodology and biostatistics, and reproductive healthcare management.

Build the capacity of healthcare professionals in reproductive and child health with focus on health system research, addressing maternal mortality, under-five and infant mortality, social determinants of health, and women empowerment through fostering interdisciplinary interaction amongst local and national stakeholders.

Encourage stakeholders to focus on both supply and demand side barriers to health to promote the development of communities.

Work with the community to gain a comprehensive understanding of the local needs and socio-cultural behaviours which is essential for developing sustainable interventions in communities,

Work with the community to develop context-friendly solutions for better maternal and child health, and ways to empower women in the community.

Links to the health workforce crisis

RCRU launched a “Rebuilding reproductive and child health systems in post-conflict settings initiative”. Through this initiative it is hoped that reproductive and child health system, policy and services in post conflict setting will be better informed in order to improve policymaking and program development and that we will be closer to attaining the health related MDGs. (link)

RCRU established a University Community Partnership Project (UCPP) as a partnership between a vulnerable community and the University, with the aim of improving health through influencing social determinants (link)

RCRU develops innovative approaches for capacity strengthening for health workforce, researchers and policy makers, and to advocate for and promote health of hard-to-reach conflict-affected women (link)