Spartan Health Sciences University

The organization is a Health Sciences University whose mission and objectives is to train future physician with the necessary medical knowledge, competent skills and the compassionate attitude for the practice of medicine in the broad community.

Member profile

The Spartan Health Sciences University was established in January, 1980 and accredited and chartered and licensed in March, 1982 by The Accreditation Authority of the Government of St. Lucia. The University is licensed to plan, develop & establish component School of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Sciences, Nursing Sciences & education, Medical Technology, Public Health, Biomedical & Sanitary Engineering plus all appropriate preparatory programmes.

Main activities

The University’s mission is to serve the public in general, improving the health standards and particularly, the primary health care delivery systems of St. Lucia, West Indies.

The goals of the University are to –

  • Award a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree which fulfils or exceeds elements of Accreditation.
  • Graduates complete post-graduation training and qualify for licensure.
  • Provide high quality medical care through knowledge of biomedical sciences and the ability to acquire, manage, integrate and apply this knowledge to the care of patients.
  • Acquire a level of knowledge, both theoretically and clinically, and develop analytical processes to make safe clinical decisions.
  • Attain an educational background and disposition necessary for continued learning as a way to remain abreast of current medical advances.
  • The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with patients and colleagues.

Links to the health workforce crisis

For many years Spartan Health Sciences University has collaborated closely with the Ministry of Health in promoting the concept of primary health care to the community. In this regard, the University together with the out-district health teams of the Ministry continues to promote out-district health clinics for the purpose of screening and educating the public on matters pertaining to health in general and non-communicable diseases as it relates in particular to diabetes and hypertension which is quite prevalent in St. Lucia. During these Health clinics, students, faculty and other health professional interacts positively in providing health education and health care to the community, In addition, both faculty and students have the opportunity to gain both knowledge and skills in their clinical assessment of patients. These out-district health clinics will now serve the University well in gathering crucial data information for its research projects in the areas of diabetes and hypertension. Information emanating from such research should augur well towards better health education.

From the above, one sees an organized activity, which really promotes faculty and student collaborating with the community – which really reflects the University’s mission regarding service to the community. In addition; relevant research projects and similar activities no doubt encourages faculty self development.