Swasti Health Resource Centre, Bangalore, India

Swasti is a not for profit organization established in 2002 with a focus on achieving health outcomes especially for those who are socially excluded and poor. We are a niche service provider in the public health sector, delivering end-to-end solutions as well as short and long-term support and facilitation, combining research and practice. We believe that core development lies in successful engagement with people, involving people in action and reflection and achieving results for the people. To learn more about us, please visit our website http://swasti.org/
7 April 2014

Member Profile

Swasti’s core areas of expertise are health systems strengthening, market based solutions in health, e-health, work-place interventions and social protection for the marginalised. Thematically, our efforts focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV, Non-Communicable Disease, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Nutrition, Human Resources in Health, Gender Based Violence.

Main activities

Sawasti’s core strategies include:

  • Innovative Models for Impact: We design and demonstrate effective, innovative, replicable and sustainable programme models to address complex public health challenges. We ideate, incubate, validate, and productise models as well as advocate and support scale-up. Our repertoire includes grant, self-funded and market based models.
  • Partnership for Results: We work closely with development partners and understand their aspirations, challenges and provide timely, need based, quality support towards achieving the stated results of the partners. Support include strategic planning, programme design, advisory and mentoring, resource mobilization, strengthening management systems, institutional and individual capacity development, review and evaluation including impact assessment, research and documentation. In the last five years, Partners for Results Team has delivered more than 150 assignments in over 20 countries.
  • Knowledge Management and Policy Shaping: We are knowledge leaders in niche areas, contributing to public health knowledge and policies. We are part of several strategic international public health advocacy alliances. Key services include: documentation and communication, research, academic publication, knowledge disemination through thematic workshops, conferences, Learning Site etc.

Links to the health workforce crisis

Swasti has undertaking following activities related to health workforce:

  • Support in setting up Human Resource (HR) Cells for the health departments in two Provinces in India (Madhya Pradesh and Kerala)
  • Developed the HR Policy for the health department in Madhya Pradesh (India) as well as National Rural Health Mission in Kerala (India).
  • Qualitative study among Returnee health worker migrants from India in order to develop recommendations to improve the overall migration experience of health workers, especially on return and reintegration
  • 7 study reports and fact sheets on the following themes:
    • Capacity Building
    • Equity and Gender equality in Health workforce
    • Impact of HR reforms
    • Motivation,Compensation and Retention of Health Workforce
    • Performance Management for Human Resource Development
    • Planning for Human Resources in Health
    • Recruitment,Policy, Process and Practices in Indian Health Systems

The above documents can be accessed from the following link: