National Center for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Tbilisi, Georgia

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National Center of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (NCTLD) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2001. It is a head facility for TB control in Georgia, which creates implements and administers the National Tuberculosis Program. The programme aim is to decrease spreading of Tuberculosis in Georgia. The main functions of the Center are:

  • Administration of National Tuberculosis Program, partnership with local and foreign (international) Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations;
  • Provision of high quality TB diagnosis;
  • Treatment of TB patients; and
  • Prevention of Tuberculosis.

The Center was created after reorganization, based on the Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung diseases, the city TB Hospital, and the Georgian Railway TB-Stationary. Today, the center is presented by administrative, diagnostic and treatment branches.

Main activities

NCTLD's activities are determined by Specialized TB and Lung diseases State Program support, updated every four years, containing every aspect of TB control in the country.  The 2006 program is based upon the WHO’s recommendations, and it works on the basic TB problems currently existing in Georgia. The aim of Five Year TB Control Plan in Georgia is to: decrease death, disease, infection-spreading rates and prevent the development of resistance to TB drugs, which will decrease social-economic burden caused by TB for the families and the society.

Links to the health workforce crisis

At the end of the year 2001, human resource optimization was put into practice. The optimal bed fund for that time was determined, adequate staff and central personnel were chosen on competition basis. NCTLD is staffed by qualified personnel with vast experience and thorough education. They were chosen based on special competition, have passed medical license exams and have received adequate certificates. The education for NCTLD's medical personnel is continuous and updated frequently -- trainings and conference meetings are held annually, where foreign colleagues are invited. Centre staff also takes part in significant events abroad and travels to different countries for improvement of qualification skills. The following types of services can be obtained from NCTLD: a) diagnosis, b) treatment - Conservative and Surgical, and c) examination and prevention of TB patient’s family members.

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