Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET)

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THET is a specialist global health organization that educates, trains and supports health workers through partnerships, strengthening health systems and enabling people in low and middle income countries to access essential healthcare.

THET has 25 years of commitment to building capacity for human resources for global health and developing the voluntary engagement of UK health professionals and health institutions in global health. THET has offices in the UK, Zambia and Somaliland and currently works with over 200 health partnership projects across 29 countries to address issues such as maternal mortality and child health, mental health, nurse education and clinical practice development.

THET has increasingly acted as the primary hub and resource centre for the health partnerships community in the UK - enabling health, education and development institutions to come together to collaborate and to learn from and support each other

THET is dedicated to:

Designing & delivering integrated health workforce development programmes.
Deploying & facilitating volunteers to contribute effectively to partnerships and programmes.
Training & supporting others in the delivery of effective health workforce development projects.
Acting as a hub where health, education and development institutions come together to collaborate, learn and provide peer-to-peer support.
Working to create a more supportive policy environment within UK government and the National Health Service (NHS) to help foster a positive climate for international volunteering across the health professions.

All of THET’s projects are related to addressing the HRH crisis. THET is the managing agent for the DFID funded Health Partnership Scheme. This Scheme provides funding and technical advice to Health Partnerships between UK health institutions and counterparts overseas. We currently support 80 such projects between hospitals, Professional Associations and Universities. THET also directly implements long term partnerships with civil society and Ministry of Health institutions in Zambia and Somaliland to support national health workforce objectives in those countries.