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Zamen Salamati co ltd is a civilian-private small size organisation founded to do research on health and social care. Mission of this organisation is to provide high-quality research to find solutions for provision of better health and well-being for civilian in regional, national and global health. We started from 2005 and we have qualified expert medical researchers in various specialities. We work with institutions and individual medical researchers to aid them during their research affairs. We also train and provide professional healthcare specialist for information technology projects, evaluation and quality control of services of health-related organisations including hospitals.

Main activities

Zamen Salamati co ltd main area of work include:

  • Developing e-Learning courses for health professionals for continuous professional development programs as an essential part of practice in this field.
  • Assisting in preparation and enrolment of medical research studies from the first steps until the end phase of publication and implementation.
  • Provision of a knowledgebase for healthcare for public and general population and for healthcare professionals from a single web directory (
  • Provision of enterprise solutions for healthcare organisations for better managerial and developmental affairs.

Links to the health workforce crisis

We understand major barriers of healthcare systems in absorption of healthcare professionals in rural and far areas, while there is limitation in funding and other facilities to satisfy the human resources to remain in these areas. We understand high-rated immigration of healthcare professionals within and between countries, seeking better job options. We are attempting to draw strategies combining technology and medical resources to facilitate this issue.

Zamen Salamati co ltd

Zamen Salamati co ltd