HRH Journal joint Special Issue

The WHO Human Resources for Health Journal has launched an 'International Joint Special Issue' on the theme "Towards a scaling-up of training and education for health workers”.

Led by the Human Resources for Health Journal (, the International Special Joint Issue constitutes the collaboration of over 20 top medical journals, who will each contribute in their own unique way, over the coming 12 months, to the theme of scaling up training and education of health workers.

Each journal will address the critical need for a skilled, sustainable health workforce in the developing world and internationally.

So far, five of the partnering journals - including the HRH Journal itself - have already published their contributing issues. They can be accessed from the links below. Some are also available in print.

Human Resources for Health will publish articles on the theme on an ongoing basis up to June 2009.

For updates as the other partnering journals publish, please see the announcements on the Human Resources for Health blog:

For more information please contact