Dr Mubashar Sheikh

Executive Director
Global Health Workforce Alliance

GHWA Executive Director, Dr Mubashar Sheikh
GHWA Executive Director, Dr Mubashar Sheikh

Mubashar Sheikh, is a medical doctor and a specialist in health system policy and planning. Dr Sheikh started his public health career in 1987 with the Ministry of Health in Pakistan. During this period he managed different departments and spearheaded various projects including the flagship National Primary Health Care program (also known as the Lady Health Workers program). This initiative, the largest in social sectors, was introduced in 1994 to ensure universal access to essential health care at the grass roots and underserved areas for the provision of essential services including integrated management of childhood illnesses, maternal health, water and sanitation, nutrition and promotion of healthy lifestyles. The program is recognized by WHO as the ‘best practice’ among its 192 member states and has so far been replicated by many countries in Asia and Africa.

In 1998, Dr Sheikh joined the Eastern Mediterranean Office of World Health Organization as Regional Adviser in the department of Health Systems. On this position, Dr Sheikh also developed strategies for the advocacy and implementation of Community and Sustainable Development initiatives aimed at reducing poverty and social inequalities. In 2004 Dr Sheikh was assigned to WHO office in Iran as Country Representative, where he also served as Resident Coordinator of the UN system as well as Representative for Food and Agricultural Association.

At present, Dr Sheikh is holding the post of the Executive Director of the Global Health Workforce Alliance based at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva. In this capacity, he is playing the lead role for the development of national policies and plans in 57 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America aimed at ensuring that all people, everywhere, have access to skilled, motivated and supported health workers within a robust health system. Dr Sheikh is chairing and also acting as member of various expert committees and task forces at the international and regional levels. He is the author and co-author of numerous policy documents, training manuals and guidelines. He is also writing regularly in well reputed journals on various aspects of health systems and human development.