World Health Day

World Health Day - Global brief

Barton and Namale, with their grandson
HelpAge International/Antonio Olmos

3 April 2012 -- The Global brief for World Health Day 2012 takes a fresh look at health data on ageing to help us better understand the needs of older people. Sections include key points, the demographics of ageing and the epidemiology of population ageing. The document also outlines four key actions that governments and societies can take now for healthier and more active ageing.

Good health adds life to years - posters

Mirta Nordet dances several times a month to keep healthy.
Karsten Thormaehlen

15 March 2012 -- Mirtha Nordet and her teenage grandson Damian are very close. When his 69-year-old grandmother offered to teach him his first salsa steps, Damian immediately said yes. "I want my grandchildren to learn as much as possible about the culture and traditions of my home country Cuba," says the retired ophthalmologist.

These posters for World Health Day challenge current stereotypes older people have to grapple with.

Good health adds life to years - photo gallery

Helmut Wirz discovered a passion for bungee-jumping at the age of 75.
Karsten Thormaehlen

7 March 2012 -- Jumping head first from high altitudes is 87-year old Helmut Wirz's passion. The former pharmacist discovered bungee-jumping at the age of 75. "When I’m standing up there, I feel completely calm“, he says, despite the fact that he is only secured by a rubber-band fixed to his legs.

This photo gallery challenges current stereotypes older people have to grapple with.

World Health Day 2012 - overview

Being able to walk long distances is necessary for Maximiliana to continue to earn a living as a shepherd.
HelpAge International/Antonio Olmos

7 April 2012 -- Ageing and health - to which each and every one of us can relate - is the theme of this year's World Health Day. Using the slogan "Good health adds life to years", campaign activities and materials will focus on how good health throughout life can help older men and women lead full and productive lives and be a resource for their families and communities. Over the past century life expectancy has increased dramatically and the world will soon have more older people than children. This social transformation represents both challenges and opportunities. In particular, countries may only have a single generation to prepare their health and social systems for an ageing world.



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