World Health Day

Your World Health Day campaign – general approach

Communication materials

WHO's materials are aimed at increasing awareness of older people's contributions and the fact that good health is key to a good life during older age.

Communication and technical materials will be posted on the WHO World Health Day 2012 web site during the weeks leading up to 7 April. WHO's regional and country offices are making communications materials available on their respective web sites. WHO will link to these sites as well as to partners' sites.

Slogan "Good health adds life to years"

The official slogan for World Health Day 2012 is "Good health adds life to years". Ageing is inevitable, but everyone ages differently. Even if we are young at heart, we need to maintain our physical, mental and social well-being to stay healthy and independent well into old age. Beyond our wish to add years to life, we need to add life to years.

The Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish translations of the slogan are:

  • الصحة الجيدة تضيف حياةً إلى السنين
  • 健康有益长寿
  • Une bonne santé pour mieux vieillir
  • Хорошее здоровье прибавляет жизни к годам
  • La buena salud añade vida a los años

Translation into other languages for use on campaign material is encouraged.

Poster series

WHO has designed a series of posters challenging the current stereotypes older people have to grapple with. They show older people in positive situations. The posters feature a PLAY button as seen on internet videos symbolizing the dynamism and enjoyment that older people can and should have in their lives.

If you take part in the World Health Day campaign, you can use a poster with an image more suited to your own country or region.

The design and slogan should always be used in conjunction with the official WHO logo. All three are WHO intellectual property and should be used only to identify events and materials related to World Health Day 2012. Whenever the World Health Organization logo is used, please note that it:

  • should not be reproduced together with commercial logos;
  • should not be used to promote yourself or to obtain any commercial or personal financial gain; and
  • should not be utilized in any manner which implies WHO endorsement of activities or products of a commercial enterprise.