World Health Day


Disclaimer for the WHD 2004 logo and slogan

We warmly encourage you to download these elements and include them in the material you are preparing for World Health Day 2004. However, we request you to adhere to the following requirements:

  • ©Copyright World Health Organization 2004. All rights reserved.
  • The World Health Day Logo and Slogan are WHO copyright property.
  • The World Health Day Logo and Slogan are to be used together and only to identify events and activities related to World Health Day.
  • The use of the World Health Day Logo and Slogan does not imply WHO endorsement of the planned activities.
  • The World Health Day Logo may not be reproduced for the purpose of self-promotion, or obtaining any commercial or personal financial gain, nor may it be utilized in any manner which implies WHO endorsement of the products or activities of a commercial enterprise.
  • Always credit World Health Day when using the Logo and Slogan.
  • Send us ( a copy of the material you have developed for World Health Day 2004.
  • Downloading of the Logo and Slogan implies your acceptance of these conditions.
  • The use of the World Health Organization emblem is not permitted. More information

Download logos

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