World Health Day

Edward Gyader


AFP 2005
"If I could help someone prolong his or her life and live happily, I would have done the person the greatest service in the world."

AFP 2005
"One has to use ingenuity and creativity to provide the patients with the appropriate medical care they deserve."

Like many Ghanaian doctors, Dr Gyader migrated to Europe in the hope of finding better working conditions. But he has come back home to the Upper West Region, one of rural Ghana’s poorest areas, to the Wa Regional Hospital as the region’s sole surgeon. This is a decision of which he is proud.

Dr Gyader faces daily challenges in his practice: “This is an environment ridden with shortages of basic equipment and the required qualified personnel.” Also, his patients’ being “people who know little about their health status” does not make Dr Gyader’s job any easier, but his determination to try and succeed means “things usually work out well.