World Health Day

Toolkit for event organizers

This toolkit is intended to help you in planning activities for World Health Day 2008 on the theme “protecting health from climate change.” It provides information on how different sectors – including individuals, institutions, organizations, or government agencies involved in public health from the local to international level – can play a role in the celebrations. Although events should be tailored according to the cultural, social and economic conditions in each country, we believe the ideas in this toolkit will stimulate a truly global celebration and will anchor health at the heart of the climate change agenda.

The material from this toolkit may be reproduced, adapted, translated and otherwise used in publications and events related to World Health Day 2008. The name "World Health Day 2008" may be used in connection with your World Health Day publications and events. But the name and emblem of WHO may not be used. This toolkit may not be used in connection with the promotion of specific commercial companies or products.


Public service announcements

These 30-second video clips are for use as public service announcements.

Downloadable photo gallery

A set of photographs on the theme of climate change is available for free download. You can download and use the photos in your publications and events related to World Health Day 2008.


These graphical images can be used to brand promotional and informative material for World Health day 2008. The images are available in six languages ((Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish)) and five colours, both in JPG and EPS format.