With the slogan “Every drop counts – give blood today”, World Blood Donor Day was celebrated in Botswana with representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, World Health Organization, the police, nongovernmental organizations and sponsors.
Over 50% of blood donors in Botswana are students, so celebrations took place in a school. Donors were presented with certificates, trophies, T-shirts, caps and pins. In addition, a message encouraging blood donation was sent to all subscribers by a mobile phone company who gave their services free of charge.
In the north of the country, the Francistown Blood Transfusion Centre issued 250 certificates to blood donors. All were individuals who had donated blood on a regular basis. The Chief Education Officer in the North addressed participants on behalf of the Minister of Health, praising donors and encouraging further voluntary blood donation in order that Botswana might meet 100% of its needs, without the requirement either to buy blood from individuals or to import it from other countries.

Slogan: "every drop counts, give blood today"