Between 8 and 20 June, the National Blood Transfusion Centre (CNTS) sent out thank you letters and souvenirs to blood donors, and provided a different snack to those who donated during that time at the regional blood centres of Ouaga, Bobo and other blood banks. From 13 June, advertising streamers gave the message about World Blood Donor Day, and text messages were sent out.
On 14 June itself, the President of the National Assembly, WHO representative and Minister of Health, among other dignitaries, visited the CNTS and gave a message honouring voluntary blood donors. At the official ceremony regular blood donors were thanked and presented with small gifts. On Saturday 17 June, a football match was played between blood donors and staff of CNTS.
The media were heavily involved, with radio and television spots, newspaper articles and interviews with blood donors.
Contact: Bayili Mathias