The National Association of Blood Donors in Denmark led the campaign to celebrate World Blood Donor Day. In Copenhagen, blood donors assembled at the town hall square in order to draw public attention to the cause. Together with other stakeholders, such as the Copenhagen Hospital Association, they organized activities such as amateur theatre performances, balloons and tricks from magicians.

At the end of May, the 75 local donor associations sent out press releases and photographs to local papers. National press was also alerted about the celebrations. The executive council of the national donor association had chosen the “Blood donor of the year”, and her name was announced on the national media on World Blood Donor Day itself.

The national donor magazine “Donor Nyt” was published before 14 June and distributed to all 235 000 donors. With the theme “I’m a blood donor, and I save lives”, it featured different people with one thing in common: that they save lives regardless of their backgrounds or professions.

In Aarhus, the local blood donor organization assembled at the central railway station on 14 June. In common with events at other train stations, leaflets were distributed to the general public, and recruits sought.

As well as the main slogan, “I am…and I save lives”, printed campaign material carried slogans such as:

“You look well”
“The Heart”
“You are my type”.
Niels Mikkelsen
Secretary General
Blood Donors in Denmark