The Association of Blood Donors was created in Djibouti on World Blood Donor Day 2004. The organization is supported by the Ministry of Health. Since its founding its mission has been:

• to promote regular, voluntary and non-remunerated blood donation in Djibouti
• to bring together all voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors
• to collect, edit and provide information on voluntary blood donation for the general public.

On 14 June 2006, a double ceremony took place, combining World Blood Donor Day and the second anniversary of the founding of the Association. In this double ceremony, there were a number of events organized. Television spots were designed to raise awareness of voluntary blood donation, as well as reviewing the current situation and plans for the future. At the same time, the newsletter of the Association, “La Vie Partagé” (Shared Life) was dedicated to World Blood Donor Day.

Mahamoud Hassan Said
Président de l'ADS de Djibouti