World Blood Donor Day was celebrated in Quito, the capital city, with a ceremony of recognition to companies that provide an important number of blood donors, and particularly to those individuals within the companies who promote and encourage voluntary blood donation. There were also awards to women with the greatest number of donations.

The cities of Guayaquil and Ambato also celebrated the occasion. In fact, Ambato has reached a figure of 8% of voluntary blood donors, most certainly a fact to be celebrated.

Ecuadorian Red Cross also initiated its national campaign to promote voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation, planned in partnership with a major publicity agency, and including materials for the press, radio and television. So as to take advantage of the football World Cup, Ecuadorian Red Cross recorded and broadcast messages on radio and television from the country’s football stars and from well-known sports journalists, inviting the general public to donate blood on a voluntary basis.

Dra Ulda Moreno
Dr Marcos Herdoiza Holgu, National Secretary Blood Banks

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Susana Arroyo Barrantes
Regional Communication Officer - South America