All over England, World Blood Donor Day was celebrated by the National Blood Service (NBS) in different locations. In Portsmouth, south of England, local schools provided music and dancers. A balloon launch representing the number of units of blood used on a daily basis took place. Large “thank you” cakes were featured at collection sessions, and a thank you mailshot went out to companies who gave their support by hosting sessions.

Many regions concentrated on existing campaigns. With WBDD falling in the same time period as the World Cup football series, a number of events followed a similar theme. For example, Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth football teams were involved in celebrating the day, helping to generate media attention.

In Swindon, there was a visual representation how much blood 170 new donors would provide. The NBS displayed 170 pint glasses, not filled with blood, but with a fluffy Billy Blood Drop, the mascot of the Service.

In the north, a World Cup themed event took place on the local football ground, with 24 teams representing the 24 nations participating in the World Cup in a six-a-side tournament for the NBS/WBDD Cup. To enter each team had to recruit a set number of new donors. The teams, playing in national colours, were drawn from dedicated donors, health agencies and other stakeholders.

In the West Midlands, a local event at the Hanley Shopping Centre used the WBDD gallery from 2005. Amateur radio operators held a WBDD awareness event talking to “radio hams” from around the world, with a competition to see who could make contact with the furthest station. In addition, a six-a-side football tournament took place at the University of Birmingham.

In the South East and Anglia, NBS staff held a themed event in their staff canteens, with food from around the world. In Anglia, there was an international food fair. In Trent, at Sheffield city centre, a celebratory event, attended by local celebrities and dignitaries, involved schools, blood recipients, local sporting heroes and Billy Blood Drop.

Some of the slogans used were:
“Someone you know”
“RU my type?”
Geoff Anderson
RMM South
National Blood Service