Each day in the week before World Blood Donor Day, the National Blood Transfusion Service held commitment drives, asking people to come and donate on the day itself. These drives were complemented by discussion programmes on the radio each morning between 12 and 16 June to tell people about the objectives of the celebrations. Thank you letters from sickle-cell patients were displayed on a wall, and postcards were sent out to all regular voluntary blood donors. Leaflets were prepared and distributed widely.
On 14 June itself, the morning started with a route march and photograph exhibition. The newspapers published a thank you message to blood donors, sponsors, institutions and individuals who had supported voluntary blood donation. Mobile phone companies were requested to promote World Blood Donor Day by sending text messages to their subscribers. The National Blood Centre held an Open Day and hosted an indoor games day, with ludo, oware, cards and draughts. Special snacks were provided on the day for all blood donors, as well as thank you balloons and small tokens of appreciation. Blood Centres and Regional Blood Banks were decorated, and tents, provided by partner organization, the Ghana Red Cross Society, placed at vantage points in the capital city, displaying posters and tracts.
Lucy Akuoko