A great variety of media attention was paid to World Blood Donor Day in Haiti. Television and radio programmes helped the public to become aware of the importance of voluntary blood donation. Donors and recipients of blood gave interviews. The press published lists of organizations that had participated in mobile blood collections in the week before the day, and names of voluntary donors through the year.

A feeling of solidarity and commitment of voluntary blood donors dominated celebrations in Haiti on the day itself. More than 200 people attended a ceremony in Port-au-Prince organized by a partnership consisting of Haiti Red Cross, the Pan American Health Organization and other organizations working in a similar domain.

Haiti’s Blood Gift Ambassador for the Programme of Health and Information honoured blood donors, while a representative from the Ministry of Public Health and Population congratulated participants on the loyalty of voluntary blood donors in Haiti. He honoured those people who had made the generous and humanistic gesture of donating blood in order to save the lives of people in difficulties.

A number of donors, among them celebrities from the world of music and art, gave encouraging speeches, and the audience heard a moving testimony from a mother whose son’s life had been saved through the gift of blood.

Finally, the audience heard from Club 25 members, who encouraged all young people to join up to pledge to give blood on a voluntary and regular basis.