World Blood Donor Day 2006: Planned Activities: India


The President of Osmania Medical College Doctors’ Forum, a body of doctors concerned with health and development, gave a media briefing in Hyderabad on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day. He focused on the need for commitment from all for voluntary blood donation, and launched a ‘blog’ for blood donors to communicate with each other and share their views and opinions.

Suresh Naidu
PO Box 531
Hyderabad 500 095


On 14 June, the Blood Bank Society, a nongovernmental organization managed entirely by volunteer members, organized a number of events to celebrate World Blood Donor Day.

There were free showings of two Bollywood films reserved specially for blood donors in the region. The donor card allowed entrance. A banner saluting blood donors was displayed on all petrol pumps, and pump attendants wore vests with a message about blood donation. Batches of children wearing special vests with the appropriate message went out to popular markets, gardens and lakeside venues.

Publicity material included new posters, special keyrings and car stickers. Slides honouring blood donors were shown in cinema halls. Interviews with blood donors and donor motivators were aired on national television programmes. At the new Blood Centre-37 in Chandigarh, awards were presented to repeat volunteer donors, and a special donation camp was set up there to attract new donors.

A doctor from the Department of Transfusion Medicine said that blood donors should be proud. Donations often went down during the summer months, but the donation camps set up through the season in recent years had really succeeded in keeping supplies at a safe level.

Niti Sarin
Honorary Joint Secretary
Blood Bank Society


The Indian Red Cross Society celebrated World Blood Donor Day by organizing a number of events in and around Delhi. At the national headquarters, there were four events.
• An exhibition of posters painted by young thalassaemia patients
• The experiences of a voluntary blood donor, a blood recipient and the organizer of a blood donation camp were shared with the general public
• A symposium on improving blood bank services in India
• A ceremony to thank and honour voluntary blood donors.
Peter Carolan


Surat Raktadan Kendra and Research Centre (SRKRC) is a Regional Blood Transfusion Centre for the three districts of Gujarat. The Centre celebrated World Blood Donor Day for a week between 7 and 14 June. Blood donation camps were organized and about 600 units were collected during the week. A large amount of publicity material to raise awareness of voluntary blood donation was distributed among the citizens of Surat City.

On 14 June two rallies were organized in which each participant wore a white cap printed with a World Blood Donor Day slogan. Participating in the first rally were SRKRC motivation committee members, management committee members, regular voluntary donors and about 550 students.

The Mayor, Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC), joined the second rally, and participants included education officers, the motivation committee chairman of SRKRC, regular voluntary blood donors, SRKRC staff and about 300 schoolchildren.

Both the rallies were led by students holding banners thanking regular voluntary blood donors in local (Gujarati) and English languages. Students carried placards with blood donation slogans. Volunteers distributed literature on voluntary blood donation to the public.

There was tremendous public response and enthusiasm throughout the processions, which took around an hour to cover 1.5 kilometres. Both rallies came together at a public park, where the audience heard speakers thanking regular voluntary blood donors and sponsors and giving blood donation messages. After the function, milk and biscuits were served to children and guests.

After the meeting Mayor and SMC dignitaries donated their blood in the mobile blood donation camp van of SRKRC.

Dr Snehalata C Gupte
Surat Raktadan Kendra and Research Centre



In a voluntary initiative to address the problem of a shortage of safe blood in Kerala and the need for voluntary blood donors, Terumo Penpol Ltd, in association with the National Service Scheme of Kerala University, honoured 13 institutions for their support of voluntary blood donation at a ceremony which took place on World Blood Donor Day in the city of Trivandrum. More than 100 volunteer donors also received awards.

To publicize the day, programmes were broadcast designed to raise awareness of the fact that, by coming forward to donate blood, one person could be saving up to four lives. Media personnel gave blood and reported their experiences in the newspapers.

Blood donors were invited to add their names, blood groups, addresses and telephone numbers to a database of voluntary donors to be used for blood donor networking. Blood donations camps were set up in the city on the day, and from 10-12 June a youth blood donation camp aimed to build up the network among the younger people, and to create a youth movement with the objective of 100% voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation in the future.

Baby P S
Public Relations Officer
Terumo Penpol Ltd


Amrita Blood Collectors and Donors Forum celebrated World Blood Donor Day at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, in the port city of Kochi (Cochin). All patients, staff and students at the Health Care Campus received informational leaflets. At a public function, representatives of medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy students donated blood, as did doctors, nurses, security staff and other staff members.

In order to spread the message of love through blood donation, sweets were distributed, and on the day, special gifts of a rose were presented to those who donated blood voluntarily.

Amrita Blood Collectors and Donors Forum
Programme Director: Dr. Rajakumari Kailas, Head, Blood Bank


In association with Baxter India, a number of hospitals and social organizations set up blood donation camps throughout the city of Pune on World Blood Donor Day. Baxter transfusion therapy teams attended camps at hospitals, clinics and medical colleges, assisting and ensuring that collection procedures ensured safe blood.

The blood donation camps helped to raise awareness of the fact that voluntary, unpaid blood donors are the foundation of a safe blood supply, and that more donors are needed to ensure an adequate supply, as well as a safe one.


On World Blood Donor Day, Shaheed Smark College in the Punjab held a regional exhibition on blood donor motivation. Blood donor recruiters from all over India attended the exhibition.

H L Bansal
Chairman Punjab Aids Association
Shaheed Smark College
Rampura Phul
Punjab - 151103



The Sithi Vinayagar Blood Bank at Salem, Tamil Nadu, celebrated World Blood Donor Day for the second year with a full programme. Huge wall paintings in and around Salem City gave information about safe blood donation. Leaflets were distributed to the general public, and a blood donation camp was held near Rasiipuram, inaugurated by the Tamil Nadu State Member of the Legislative Assembly. Voluntary blood donors were given promotional T-shirts.

Dr N Jagadeesan, Medical Director
Sithi Vinayagar Blood Bank


At World Blood Donor Day celebrations, the Vice-Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Dr M G R Medical University announced that the department of Transfusion Medicine would be hosting a webiste to hold a database of voluntary blood donors.

Certificates and small mementos were presented to organizations that had supported voluntary blood donation by setting up blood donation camps. Individuals who had donated more than five times received awards.


In Turuchi, the Vice-President of the Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, used the occasion of World Blood Donor Day to warn of the need for more voluntary blood donors to come forward in the city. He himself had donated blood 128 times, had inaugurated three blood banks in Tiruchi and had recruited many other donors, but he commented that there was a general lack of awareness about the dire need for blood.


World Blood Donor Day 2006 was the official launch day of a new blood donor organization. It is hoped to assist blood banks in the area to maintain a supply of safe blood sufficient for local needs. The organization plans to links with local institutions and organizations, helping to arrange blood donation camps and promotional activities.

Ajay Nagpal


The Darjeeling Himalayan Heritage Train, a lifeline to the Himalayan Mountains, was chosen to help celebrate World Blood Donor Day, because of the symbolic link with the lifeline of blood for human beings. This train, nicknamed the “Toy Train” is a 60cm narrow-gauge railway run by the Indian Railways. It has held heritage status given by UNESCO since 1999.

The train held an exhibition of leaflets, posters, banners and cartoons depicting various aspects of voluntary blood donation. Along the planned route, from Siliguri to Tindharia, blood donations camps were set up.

At both the start and finish points members of the Indian Parliament met the train. A number of schools, colleges and social organizations also came along to the exhibition and took part in the blood donation programme.

Suryanagar Sanstha
Siliguri Suryanagar Samaj Kalyan Sanastha
Voluntary blood donor organization


An event took place on World Blood Donor Day in Calcutta, organized by the Indian Rural Medical Association (IRMA). The Principal of the Indian Institute of Health Training addressed a good audience, and a number of other speakers reiterated his message about the importance of voluntary blood donation., particularly in the context of the present situation in India, where the need for blood to save the lives of people suffering from dangerous diseases is increasing. The objective was to raise awareness of the issues surrounding safe blood. To assist with retention of current voluntary donors, it is planned to send a letter of thanks to all regular donors.

Dr. S Mullick.
Secretary General