The Association of Blood Donors of Italy, AVIS, organized an event in Venice to celebrate World Blood Donor Day. The event, under the title “Voluntary blood donation in Italy and the rest of the world”, took place in the morning of 11 June. The President of the Venetian branch of AVIS welcomed a number of dignitaries, including the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Social Security. Those attending also heard about the work of FIODS (International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations) in Italy and worldwide.

A blood collection session took place in Brindisi, organized by AVIS and supported by the local administration. In advance of the event, the Assocation encouraged the citizens of Brindisi to come along to the collection point at the palace of the Province by means of publicity of all kinds. Street corners, shop windows and public offices all displayed news of the event, which attracted a good number of people.

In Liguria, the Association of Blood Donors in collaboration with the Ligurian authorities and the Commune and Province of Genoa, organized a free concert from the musical grooup “Le quattro chitarre” (The Four Guitars), who played music composed by Fabrizio De André. The concert was designed to draw attention to the need for voluntary blood donation to continue through the summer months, often a time when blood supplies become short because of people being away on holidays.

In Emilia-Romagna, health authorities and blood donor associations joined together to ensure that all events, whether theatrical, sporting or musical, were an opportunity to thank donors and to encourage new donors to come forward. Publicity material informed the public about blood donation and safe blood. Many blood services opened their doors to the public during the day, in order to show the people what happens to their blood once donated.

Viviana Bossi
AVIS Nazionale Press Office
Comunication Department