The Ministry of Health, National Blood Transfusion Service, Blood Donors Society and Red Cross of Kosovo joined together to celebrate World Blood Donor Day on 14 June 2006. The main slogans used were the international theme, “I’m a teacher/a lawyer/a farmer and I save lives”, and the national slogan, “Feel on Top of the World – 14 June 2006”.

An all-day event was held at Red Hall, Palace of Sport and Youth, Prishtina, organized by the Blood Donors Society and the Red Cross of Kosovo. At the event, many guests, including the Minister of Health, saw artistes performing, and heard stories from blood donors and recipients of blood transfusions. The main messages included the fact that regular blood donation is safe, and that the objective must be only voluntary, unpaid donation.

For the day, blood centres were decorated with posters, and employees wore pins or badges with the World Blood Donor Day theme. Donors received a different snack after donation, such as chocolate, and were presented with flowers.

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