Voluntary blood donors were honoured in a ceremony which took place in September in Kyrgyzstan, the occasion of their National Donor Day. The event which took place at the Republican Blood Centre, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health saw donors receive awards. This was followed by officials from the Ministry of Health and students of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy donating blood.

The Kyrgyz donor movement is supported by the World Health Organization, but officials warned that donorship has been experiencing a serious decline in recent years. The Director of the Republican Blood Centre emphasized that the objective of the day was to attract more volunteer blood donors while also drawing attention to the fact that the Centre is facing funding shortages and is in need of updated equipment.

In a television programme reporting the event, the father of a child suffering from haemophilia thanked those donors who gave their blood voluntarily, but also noted that drugs to help combat the illness were becoming more expensive, and called on the government to give more support to the voluntary blood donor movement.