On 10 June, in commemoration of World Blood Donor Day, Latvian Blood Donor Association and partner organizations held an event at Central Station Square designed to draw public attention to the voluntary blood donor movement. One hundred red balloons were let off. Information about blood donation was distributed from a tent, and passers-by had the opportunity to find out their blood type and haemoglobin level. Young people dressed in “hero-style” suits gave out leaflets and brochures. Volunteer donors were offered a special bus ride to the State Blood Donor Centre.

On 14 June, volunteers donated blood at a cinema, located in the centre of Riga. Small gifts, such as sweets and souvenirs with donor symbols were presented to donors on the day. At the same time, the “Be a hero” campaign was re-launched in order to attract new donors in the summer, which is often a critical season for blood stocks. In addition, a special edition of the donor newsletter was produced and distributed to donors.

In other regions where blood banks are located, there were a number of different activities in cooperation with local municipalities and other organizations.

Daina Krumina
State Blood Donor Centre