The Mexican Health Services, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), the Institute of Social Security for State Officers (ISSSTE), Mexican Secretary of Defence (SEDENA), Mexican Oil Institute (PEMEX), National and State Centres for Blood Transfusion, Mexican Delegations of the Red Cross and the Mexican Federation and Associations of Haemophilia joined together in a partnership to organize a number of events around World Blood Donor Day. Other professional and nongovernmental organizations cooperated.

The main media campaign was launched on 22 May, with a two-pronged objective. The first objective aimed at strengthening the existing blood service, helping to guarantee a quality service and promote trust. Audiovisual and printed materials were distributed to all blood banks with over 2 500 donors a year. Each State Blood Transfusion Centre was responsible for presenting small items to donors, such as pencils, key rings, pens and stickers. They also sought testimonies to be used in the second half of the campaign, aimed at the general public. In this phase, World Blood Donor Day was promoted on the radio from 12 cities, and advertisements appeared on buses.

On 14 June, the State of Oaxaca hosted the official celebration with the presence of the Minister of Health and other dignitaries from the health services. At special events in each state, blood donors were acknowledged and thanked, and awards presented. In some states, there was a “wall of fame” exhibiting pictures of regular donors who have donated many times. Thank you notes from people who have received a blood transfusion were displayed.

Other events included special attractions, such as plays, sports events and concerts. Community leaders donated blood on the day, and gave interviews to communicate their experience. Cell phone companies sent out text messages to their subscribers on 14 June with a message about voluntary blood donation. Schools and universities formed donor clubs, and links were established with ambulance, fire and police departments, with members testifying about the need for a safe and sufficient blood supply.

On 31 May, the Second International Forum for Blood Safety took place at the Mexican Congress. The objective of this forum was to encourage the people responsible for the State Blood Transfusion Programmes to promote voluntary blood donation and to provide a quality service.

Centro Nacional de la Transfusión Sanguínea