The Blood Donors Association Nepal (BLODAN) was established in 1990. It is a federation of 276 member organizations: non-remunerated voluntary donors, donors’ organizations, clubs and associations. It promotes regular, non-remunerated blood donation all over the country through educational and motivational activities. As part of these activities, it celebrates World Blood Donor Day in a highly visible way.

Starting a week earlier than 14 June, a number of events took place. An awareness-raising rally, which attracted 2 000 people, publicized blood donation. Promotional caps and badges were distributed. An art competition was organized among schoolchildren in the Kathmandu area, with prizes and certificates. There was also a speaking competition, with the topic “Celebrating the gift of blood”.

On 9 June, a very special event took place. In order to examine the current status of the blood programme in the country, BLODAN invited all stakeholders to a “talk programme”, designed to look at responsibilities, duties, problems and possible solutions. It is believed that easy access to safe blood will only happen when there is good cooperation between all stakeholders, and this is what BLODAN hoped to achieve on that day.

It is also hoped to start a Club 25 for young donors in the area of Kathmandu. For that purpose, an interactive programme took place on 12 June, designed to inform young people about Club 25 and about blood donation.

Finally, on World Blood Donor Day itself, regular, non-remunerated donors were honoured with gold or silver donor pins, depending on the number of donations achieved. In addition, shields were presented to organizations that sponsor blood donation programmes more than once a year. Prizes for the art and speaking competitions were awarded.

Dhurba Dass Bhochhibhoya
Secretary, BLODAN (Blood Donors Association Nepal)