The Artery of Life Society, approved and licensed by the Ministries of Health and the Ministry of the Interior, promotes voluntary blood donation through education programmes, motivating and recruiting new donors through their various activities. World Blood Donor Day was celebrated in Palestine in coordination with many other societies and with both government and nongovernmental blood banks.

On 14 June, a donation tent was located in a central square of Gaza city. A number of influential local celebrities and dignitaries gave blood. Around this, a number of other activities took place. At universities, institutes, sports clubs and other public places, there were lectures and seminars focusing on the importance of safe blood and voluntary donation. Posters, brochures and leaflets carrying the message and the symbols of World Blood Donor Day were distributed. A television spot thanked voluntary blood donors and encouraged others to become donors. A local football match between a team of blood donors and a beach club team demonstrated to the public that blood donation does not harm health in any way.

A major ceremony took place, where certificates were awarded to regular blood donors. The staff of blood banks also received certificates of appreciation. In blood bank centres, flowers were given to blood donors by patients with thalassaemia. The centres contained honour boards carrying the names and pictures of individuals who had donated most blood.

Mohamed I Dawoud
President of Artery of Life Society