The Minister of Health in Paraguay took advantage of the celebrations on World Blood Donor Day to emphasize the need for voluntary blood donors to come forward. She gave some facts and figures about the need for blood, and noted that only 10% of the blood required came from voluntary blood donation, the remainder being mostly from parents and friends of the patient. She went on to say that healthy people who would donate blood on a voluntary basis a minimum of once a year were needed to ensure a safe and adequate supply of blood for those who needed it. She urged Paraguayans to give their blood as a symbol of solidarity, and encouraged them to disregard any myths about donating blood causing weakness in men or weight gain in women.

Paraguayan Red Cross put the emphasis on young people on the day. The Society ran a training session on the promotion of voluntary blood donation with dozens of volunteers from the departments of Youth, Aid and Women Volunteers, as well as from subsidiary departments of the main government. In addition, around 100 young people from educational institutions participated in information days, and completed a survey which helped to identify what they know about voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation. At the same time, the National Society sent information to national and local media, giving the message about voluntary blood donation.

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National Health Director, PRC
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