A series of activities were organized by the Shanghai Blood Centre and Shanghai Blood Administration Office to commemorate World Blood Donor Day. On 4 June, a campaign called “Small hands in big hands” aimed to encourage parents to set a good example by donating blood in front of their children. On 7 June, a platelet donation session took place with participation by students from Jiao Tong University. This year was the 110th anniversary of the University, and it was a good opportunity for the 10 students who currently donate platelets to help raise awareness of voluntary blood donation and component donation among fellow students.

On 7 June as well, a famous pop singer in China, Lam JJ, acted as a voluntary staff member at the Shanghai Blood Centre, and attracted many of his fans to come in and donate blood. He is famous for his love songs and has thousands of fans in and around Shanghai. Picked up by the media, this helped to promote voluntary blood donation among young people.

On 13 June, a celebration took place to honour regular voluntary blood donors, organizations that help to promote blood donation and staff of blood services. On World Blood Donor Day itself, staff from the Blood Transfusion Services requested special songs, dedicated to voluntary blood donors, to be played on a popular radio programme. The campaign, called “Special love for special you” was designed to express the highest regard and thanks to all voluntary blood donors in Shanghai for their generosity and altruism. It also served to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donors to ensure safe blood.

The media responded well to the campaigns, and on 14 June, eight articles giving information about blood groups and components, safe blood and other relevant details, written by blood transfusion professionals, were published in newspapers and magazines. The campaign was aimed at reducing fear of donating blood among the general public.

Qu Liwei
Deputy Manager
Shanghai Blood Centre


Basketball star Yao Ming lent his support to the campaign for voluntary blood donation around World Blood Donor Day. He appeared on a poster, showing his arm outstretched as he gave blood. Positive publicity has helped to raise people’s awareness of the need for people to come forward to give their blood voluntarily. All across the country, celebrities have been recruited to give out a strong message about the need for blood, and how easy and safe it is to donate. Earlier in the week, over 50 well-known actors turned up at the Red Cross clinic to give blood.

All over the city, blood mobiles attracted voluntary donors in. Special small gifts were given to those who donated blood on World Blood Donor Day, such as umbrellas and mugs.

Guangxi Zhuang

The blood bank at Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Autonomous Region, participated with great success in the World Blood Donor Day celebrations with a number of different activities. On 14 June, with the theme, “Thank the gift of life”, a celebratory event took place at Heng Xian, attended by the Health Department Leader of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the deputy mayor of Nanning and the main leaders of the government, who poured honours on voluntary blood donors. Over 1 400 spectators heard the champion blood donors of Guangxi share their experiences of blood donation and 190 of them were moved to donate blood on the spot.

Voluntary blood donation started in the countryside of the Region during 2005. It began in the city of Heng Xian with a fixed blood donation location, followed rapidly by five other counties. The 14 June celebration symbolized the spreading into the countryside of the message about voluntary blood donation.

On 20 June, an evening celebration with the theme, “I don’t know you, but I thank you”, took place in Nanning. More than 400 people representing different fields joined in with thanking blood donors in all kinds of ways, such as giving performances, presenting flowers or souvenirs, and waving banners.

At the universities, students took the lead in promoting voluntary blood donation to their peers. On 6 June, Guangxi Medical College held an event with the theme, “Blood donation doesn’t damage the health”. Many athletes gave blood, proving through their splendid athletic performances, that blood donation does no harm to health. More than 150 students then donated blood voluntarily.

On 7 June, Nanning Institute of Technology set up their fixed blood donation clinic. On 9 June, more than 400 students at the Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine College pledged to become regular donors, and appointed six students who are regular donors as promotional ambassadors. On 13 June, the Guangxi Water Conservation and Electric Power Technology Institute carried out a big celebration to honour donors.

Media coverage was good. Many newspapers and the television station reported on the celebrations. The Nanning radio station broadcast four radio programmes promoting blood donation. A thank you letter was published in the newspaper on 14 June.

Posters, leaflets and badges were distributed to the general public. Staff of the Nanning blood bank and volunteers promoted voluntary blood donation by going out and about on the buses in Nanning city. Many thousands of text messages were sent out on 14 June by the China Mobile Company, and messages about World Blood Donor Day were put on the screens at the fixed blood donation clinics in the universities.


Every year, to celebrate World Blood Donor Day and to acknowledge and thank loyal blood donors, the Blood Transfusion Service organizes a Donor Award Ceremony for donors who have achieved 25 donations or multiples of 25 during the past year. There were so many eligible donors in 2006 that two ceremonies were held, the first on 21 May. This ceremony, where 1 660 donors who achieved 25 or 50 donations were presented with awards, was shown on video at the global celebration in Bangkok, Thailand, on 14 June.

The second ceremony took place on 28 June, where donors who achieved 75 and above donations were invited to receive awards. Among them was the donor who has achieved the highest number of blood donations in Hong Kong, an amazing 350 times.

A specially designed poster was displayed throughout the territory. In addition, donors who gave blood on or around World Blood Donor Day were presented with a special bag. Hospital staff collected thank you notes from patients to show their appreciation to blood donors whose donations had saved their lives. These notes were used in publicity materials, and in a specially designed e-card that was sent to all blood donors before World Blood Donor Day itself.

Brenda Kwan
Publicity Officer
Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service


Macao Blood Transfusion Centre began the celebration for World Blood Donor Day by launching a slogan competition in early April. Four slogans were selected to be printed on various promotional materials and banners conveying encouraging messages about blood donation.

To publicize World Blood Donor Day and to strengthen awareness of voluntary non-remunerated blood donations, these banners were posted at various locations throughout Macao beginning in mid May. A series of events were also planned to celebrate WBDD.

The annual awards-giving ceremony and dinner was held on 16 June. Certificates and awards were presented to blood donors who had donated a multiple of five times. Special recognition was also given to schools, governmental departments, enterprises and other organizations that have supported and collaborated with the Macao Blood Transfusion Centre and its call for voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation. Highlight of the evening’s programme was the showing of a video featuring a blood recipient and her family and their heartfelt appreciation to blood donors for the gift of life.

Crystal P. Hui
Macao Blood Transfusion Centre