World Blood Donor Day has been added to the Slovak Republic’s diverse portfolio of benevolent activities. The events in 2006 were organized by the National Transfusion Service with the nationwide cooperation of the Slovak Red Cross and the WHO Country Office in Slovakia.

The motto of the day was “Take one step further towards adulthood. Become a blood donor”, with the idea that one should grow in responsibility, respect human life, both yours and that of others, and mature by becoming a blood donor.

The goal adopted by Slovakia was to break barriers and change people’s attitudes towards benevolence. Blood donation was promoted as a common lifestyle routine by means of mobile collections in all large cities. An opportunity to become a blood donor “on the street” was taken up by hundreds of people, all of whom were presented with a small gift. Other people who helped promote blood donation that day were presented with Jansky’s Plaque as an acknowledgement of their valued efforts.

Ten large cities were actively involved in events, including the capital, Bratislava. A number of events were combined with cultural programmes supported by local celebrities, and all under the patronage of the first lady of the Slovak Republic. Slovak Red Cross took part by giving presentations on healthy lifestyles. All events gave thanks and appreciation to blood donors for their life-saving actions.

The events also were the starting point for another project entitled “Tears of Blood for Life” dedicated to children from 6 to 15 years. The objective of the project, which lasts until next year’s World Blood Donor Day, is to educate schoolchildren around Slovakia to become the blood donors of the next generation.

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