The Spanish Federation of Blood Donors, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, FUNDASPE (Foundation for Altruistic Donation of Blood and Plasma), the Government of the state of Navarre and the Association of Blood Donors of Navarre (ADONA), organized an event to pay tribute to all those who shared their health with people who are ill or have had accidents, through life-saving blood donation.

In 2006, the main celebration took place in Navarre, which holds the European record for number of donations per inhabitant. The Association of Blood Donors of Navarre secured the support of their own government for the event to take place in Javier, which was celebrating in addition the 500th anniversary of its most famous son, Francisco de Javier.

On the day, more than 400 blood donors were honoured. These donors had achieved 60 donations (women) or 75 donations (men). In addition, more than 30 well-known people and organizations from the whole of Spain received a Blood Donation National Merit to mark their support for the blood donation movement.

In the province of Córdoba, the day was celebrated with the gift of a new bloodmobile which would allow many more citizens to donate blood voluntarily. The vehicle, presented to the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre (CRTS) by the Health Council of the region, is state of the art, measuring 13 metres, and with space for five donor beds.

Martin Manceñido
President of the Federación Española de Donantes de Sangre
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