Individuals and corporations that have made remarkable contributions to blood donation were honoured at an event on World Blood Donor Day which took place at Damascus University Blood Transfusion Centre. With the title “I don’t know your name, but thank you for your donation”, the festivities were designed to thank all voluntary donors in the country. An award was presented to the “Donor of the Year”, and diplomas of “Honoured Blood Donor”, signed by the President of Damascus University were given. Popular celebrity guests informed the audience about the importance of voluntary blood donation, and thanked all blood donors.

In addition, throughout the country, donors were sent thank you messages on postcards, and those who donated on the day received a different snack after donation, chocolate or cake. Small gifts or flowers were given to donors coming to give blood on the day. Meetings between voluntary donors and patients in hospitals, and between donors and staff in blood units throughout the country also took place.

On 14 June, radio and television stations thanked all blood donors and a radio quiz and debate about the topic of voluntary blood donation was broadcast, as well as interviews with regular blood donors. Special posters and greetings cards gave wide publicity to the message.

Dr Tahani Ali