Global Event at United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is honored to be the host of this important event. Under the patronage of the President, H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Ministry of Health has formed a Supreme National Organising Committee headed by H.E. the Minister of Health (Chairman) and H.E. Dr. Amin Hussain Al Amiri, CEO for Medical Practice & License (Vice Chairman). Other members include representatives from the Ministries of Health, Presidential Affairs, Education, Higher Education & Scientific Research, Education & Youth and Social Affairs, and Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Dubai Health Authority, Health Services-Armed Forces, Health Services-Ministry of Internal Affairs, UAE Red Crescent Association and the National Media Council. The members of the Organising Committee have been divided into different groups and specific tasks assigned to them.

The first announcement regarding the event was made by H.E. the Minister of Health at a press conference held on 12th March 2008 at Dubai. This event was attended by representatives of medical and pharmaceutical firms, real estate companies, trading and commercial enterprises and journalists from TV, radio and print media. A folder containing information about the organizers, background of the event and Announcement was also distributed.

The Department of Blood Transfusion & Research Services, Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Dubai Health Authority and the Health Services of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Armed Forces are responsible for:

  • Preparing educational and publicity material in Arabic and English for the event including
    • Booklets, wall mounted posters, pins, pens, mugs, T-shirts, caps and balloons carrying this year’s theme ‘Donate Blood Regularly’ highlighting the slogans ‘Once is Not Enough’ and ‘Many Happy Returns.’ These will be sent to all WHO Regional Offices, WHO HQ, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations, and International Society of Blood Transfusion.
    • This material will also be distributed locally in hospitals, health centers, schools, universities, ministries, and social associations from the beginning of May 2008 and during the week celebrating WBDD.
  • Organizing blood donation campaigns all over the country using mobile vehicles with proper media coverage.
  • Encouraging hospitals and medical centers in arranging mobile blood donation drives involving employees and visitors.
  • Organizing blood donor appreciation parties to celebrate and thank voluntary donors.
  • Arranging educational media programs on blood donation (print and visual) – interviews with health officials, donors and patients.
  • Issuing a special stamp carrying the WHO safety logo and WBDD theme

The Ministry of education and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research are planning

  • A marathon run for school and university students on 14th June
  • Hand drawing gallery at malls and shopping centers where children can draw on themes related to blood donation and blood transfusion
  • Blood donation camps at school, college and university campuses
  • An anthem in Arabic and English encouraging voluntary donation to be sung by students and broadcast on the media

The UAE Red Crescent Association is organizing mobile blood donation drives and raising funds to support WBDD activities

The Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Health has set up a website accessible to the public where people can obtain information about the WBDD, register as blood donors and get information about blood transfusion services in UAE. It will also report all WBDD related activities in UAE.

The Ministry of Education and Youth has:

  • Organized a football match involving two popular teams where the theme of WBDD will be highlighted
  • Requested cultural and sports clubs to participate and support the WBDD activities with players using WBDD sports gear

The Department of Media and Communication, Ministry of Health has arranged with the UAE Media Authority and all media and communication offices of local and international media in UAE for proper and adequate media coverage of all activities.

The National Media and Communication Council, UAE is liaising with all local and international TV, radio, newspapers and journals to cover the event. It will also arrange press releases, TV and radio interviews with representatives of the WBDD Founding Partners and VIPs attending various functions.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has invited most Arabic and non-Arabic associations in UAE to participate in the blood donation camps and the marathon run. Special attention is being given to the Ladies Association highlighting the role of mothers in creating a new generation of voluntary blood donors.

Source: Ministry of Health, UAE